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Launched in 1986 by founding partners such as; the R&A, USGA, the PGA, the Masters, and the European Tour – the Official World Golf Ranking is arguably the most important system in Golf. We worked closely with technology partner – Endava and the European Tour – to re-imagine the platform for a major overhaul.

Official World Golf Ranking

Official World Golf Ranking (Flagship Digital Platform)

With a vast array of audiences, including; pros, pundits, fans, officials and everyone else outside the ropes, the new platform had to be device neutral, omnipresent, recognisable and highly highly user-friendly.

A broad spectrum of data syncing meant content hierarchy was critical. As well, condensing the number of screens we developed for a more concise user experience was crucial to ensuring visibility of audience-centric content and tools – needed to access and analyse data.

Official World Golf Ranking

Key features:

While our partners at Endava provided the raw data and technology infrastructure, we set out to completely rethink the platform from strategy, architecture & branding, data, UX and design perspectives. The main features include:

  • Omnipresent World Rankings
  • News (weekly and archives)
  • Graphing Tools (player comparisons)
  • Results & Events calendars
  • Players’ history and archive downloads
  • Sharable and embeddable content widgets

The array of touch points to explore data and the new modern design has made the platform a huge success and positioned it as the go-to place for the official rankings; resulting in considerably increased usage and reach.

Official World Golf Ranking

BRAVO! Not only is the new design simple, yet stunning; the site is easy and fast to navigate. The new ways you have given users to explore the depth of our data and rankings is tremendous. Kudos and Congratulations.”


Ian Barker. Director, PGA and European Tour.
Official World Golf Ranking